Genesis Page - God Created The Universe In Seven Days. The Creation Of The Garden Of Eden.

 Look at the attached photo of a tree. Use your imagination! What can you see in it? I can see a Dancing tree couple, happy as they can be. I can see nature at its finest, trying to survive. Look how strong and beautiful they are. This is one of God's creations. This vision of God's nature should not have to dance around electrical wires. What do you think?

Genesis 2:5 When the Lord made the Universe, there were no plants on the earth and no seeds had sprouted, because he had not sent any rain. 

Genesis 2:8-9 The Lord planted a garden in Eden, in the East, and there he put a man he formed. He made all kinds of beautiful trees grow there and produce good fruit. In the middle of the garden stood the tree that gives life and the tree that gives knowledge of what is good what is bad.

In this world we can only see everything through an unwashed window glass. The window will only become crystal-clear after you get to God's heaven. Which is a gift from God through the salvation of Jesus Christ's death for us. Earth is not the perfect world God created.  It is distorted by sin (greed, vengeance, murder, and unkindness) We can only see the perfect vision with God's guidance. He takes the glasses off our eyes and the wax out of our ears. Of Course, you may still be wearing glasses and or hearing aids on earth but with the Holy Spirit, God's voice you will see and hear clearer. I will close with a well-known saying: God did not promise you only red roses. There will sometimes be thorns!


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