Giant Anteater Talks To The World.

Giant Anteater Talks To The World. View the video below.

Hello Readers!

Now, Try to think about the anteater talking to the you. I know it will not be easy. He is only an animal without a voice. The attached video may have given you a way to think of an anteater with a voice. What follows is a statement he might make to the world and you.

Why am I in a zoo cage here in the United States. I was not created by God to be in a cage. I was created to roam free through Honduras in Central America and Bolivia in South America. Did someone put me in a smaller cage to ship me to a zoo in the United States? I am sad, I am in a cage. I miss my family. A family of my own kind. 

Hello, this is the creator of this blogger page. I am the one who took the attached video many years ago. One of my thoughts at that moment was. The anteater must be very sad caged in a small area with nothing to do but go around, and around all day long. But I took the video anyway. I disregarded the anteater's sadness. It was more fun to take the video and not think about the anteater's apparent sadness. That disregard for another creature was a sin. 

My final thought for today is God's love should be displayed to all creation, even the anteaters of the world. There must be a better way to conserve the endangered species of world. A small zoo cage is not the answer.

Readers what do you think?


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